We have exciting news – our Parish Council voted in June to unanimously to move forward to offer a job for Pastoral Assistant to a wonderful candidate who is a highly recommended seminarian who just graduated from Holy Cross.  We have the blessing from His Eminence Metropolitan Gerasimos and the encouragement of our Vicar Father John Constantine to move forward.

Because this is an important step for our Parish and an unbudgeted expense, we are calling a Special General Assembly meeting after Liturgy on Sunday, August 9.  This will be a short, focused meeting with one topic – to discuss and approve the hiring of a Pastoral Assistant and the related budget expense.

In our General Assembly meeting in March, we did highlight our growth in stewardship and our need for a Pastoral Assistant who can also double as a Youth Director.  I have received nothing but positive comments about this step forward for our Parish, but I do get asked this important question: Can we afford this now?

We will be sending a separate written notice for this  Special General Assembly to Members in Good Standing, and we will cover all of this in detail and field questions in the Assembly.  However, I do feel it important to highlight here a couple of important aspects to answers to this financial question.

This year, due to the proposed start date of mid-August for our Pastoral Assistant, it is only a partial (prorated) year of compensation and ‘impact’ to the budget (less than 5 months out of 12).   We also have the benefit of fairly good visibility in our actual financials this year. Through May, we have been running favorable to budget (taking in MORE and spending LESS).  We are also in a stronger cash position today
versus the same time last year.  I firmly believe we can absorb this unbudgeted expense of the Pastoral Assistant AND still generate new cash for reserves from this year IF our stewards from last year pledge and pay this year….

With our growth trajectory, we will likely have over 400 families in our Parish in 2016.  The addition of a Pastoral Assistant is extremely positive message that we are taking steps to sustain this growth for our Parish and supporting Father Christos to serve our ever expanding stewardship and ministries.


Dave Matty
Parish Council President