GOYA (our youth ages 13 through 18) will be hosting Good Friday Luminaries. They will be lighting the path with the luminaries around the church with the names of loved ones who have passed on and for wishes for the health of family and friends.

Our GOYANS will personalize each candle-lit bag (Lambada) with † In the Memory of… or † For the Health of… The bags will be lined around the church along the path of the Epitaphio.

A luminary can be purchased for $5.00. Orders can be placed in two ways:

  1. † Visit the GOYA display table after church on Sunday or,
  2. † Write the names on the form that is available at the link below, and include a check payable to Assumption GOYA.


More information on this special program is included on the form, including where to send the check and completed form. The deadline to complete the form is Palm Sunday, April 5, 2015.