An exciting GOYA event just before summer each year is St Anthony’s GOYA Volleyball Tournament up in Pasadena, drawing approx. 250 youth from as far away as Las Vegas. It is extremely popular with our GOYAns and is a one day outing with usually 10 coed matches going on at any one time – side by side – and plenty of opportunities for the youth to mix with other parishes.

This year Assumption was again well represented with 5 teams, 37 players, and countless family members. Congrats to our players and coaches – we had an amazing tournament with one first place, two second place, and one third place finishes! Did you hear about our Young Adult Kickoff BBQ on Thursday, June 25?   This is just the beginning of many events and activities as our Young Adults gain momentum as a group. Let’s support them by getting the word out – Young Adults are happening at Assumption!

I’m very pleased that our search for a Pastoral Assistant / Youth Director is progressed through the interview stage and our interview team has selected one candidate which we feel strongly will be a tremendous addition here at Assumption.   Although we have some final diligence left before making an offer, we are hopeful that we can have this position filled by August.

As we all know, our Festival not only showcases our wonderful Panagia parish and our beautiful Church grounds, but also provides critical income for carrying out our mission and ministries. Many of us fall into a pattern of working the same booths each year. Are you looking to help in a different way this Festival and to have even more impact on our success?   We have a couple of opportunities in important areas which can use your leadership and energy this summer leading up to Labor Day. Please contact our Festival Co-chairs Dino Syrengelas or Jim Eleopoulos or myself.

Lastly, I would remiss if I didn’t give you an update on our 2015 Stewardship. First the good news, we already have 29 new stewardship households pledged this year! So the feeling of growth that we are experiencing is translating to tangible growth in stewardship.   But there is a ‘but’…..   we have almost 200 households who have

not pledged this year (but have in the last couple of years). Call the office if you need a card and we’ll make sure we also have a pledge sheet available in next month’s bulletin. Let’s cut this number of families who haven’t pledged in half by the end of the summer! We have an opportunity to have a strong Stewardship year – let’s make it happen!


Dave Matty, P. C. President