Hristos Anesti to ALL!   Truly He is Risen!

WE hope that everyone had a Blessed Easter. “Thank you” to Father Christos for doing such beautiful services. Thank you to all the ministries who worked so hard to make the entire 40 days so beautiful.  It was truly a journey that couldn’t have been presented more beautiful.  Everyone is to be commended.

Thank you to ALL who showed up to make bread. It was yet another adventure in the lives of those who came to help bake.  That kitchen has had many magical moments! And, many more to come! Thank you Vickie Hennig and Nicki Vooris for coming in so early to get it all started. For sure WE ALL appreciated the finished product! Went like hotcakes, and, sooooo Yummy!

Thank you to Nick and Eleni Triantos and Family for donating the eggs again this year. Thank you to Cecelia Kourtis and her crew for doing such a great job on the coloring of the eggs. Not to mention the wrapping. Jorge and Voula, we thank you both for always being there for us!

We were able to visit a few of the shut-ins before Easter and they were thrilled to have company. If any of you reading this today would like to accompany myself and others to visit some of these ladies and gentlemen please let me know. I’d like to do this on a year round basis. Not just the holidays!

  • May 3, 2015 – Don’t forget “Kids and Cancer” – Donations still being accepted. 
  • May 17, 2015 – Philoptochos Board Elections – Following Church services. Please make an effort to attend.   

Membership is doing well but we still have a few who are still not members for this year. We encourage everyone to become members so that we may continue doing what we do best; reaching out to the less fortunate. We encourage all members to be a hands-on part of our outreach programs. Contact Karen Fic if you have any questions.

Recently “For the Child” held a “Circle of Friends” Breakfast at the Shereton Hotel in Long Beach. Philoptochos once again received special recognition as one of many donors (i.e. For the Child is who WE provide school backpacks/turkeys and canned goods with the help of Sunday School). They are appreciative of all our efforts and generosity. Without ALL of you we couldn’t do it.  Thank you!

Festival baking will soon be starting. Once again, everyone is needed. It’s just too big of a job for a few individuals. This is a big money maker for the church so PLEASE plan on helping when the time comes. Schedule will be out soon.

Bobbie Soupos, President