Do you have items in your home you’d like to give away or thinking about making extra space on the garage? It’s time to get rid of your things and help the church at the same time!

Philoptochos will be hosting a rummage sale on October 7 and needs your donations of gently used things. From vintage clothing and kitchenware to new items you never used, your donation will help Philoptochos fund their ministry.

Bring your donations during regular office hours from October 1 through October 6, and drop them off in the church hall.

About Philoptochos
Philoptochos (Friends of the Poor) is one of the largest Women’s Organizations within the United States, and is the philanthropic heart of Assumption, undertaking a multitude of philanthropic programs to aid the poor, the sick, and the elderly.

They encourage both men (as Associate Members) and women to become involved. Any Orthodox Christian in good standing within the Orthodox Church is encouraged to become a member.

Board Meetings are held the 2nd Sunday of each month, and the general membership meetings are held twice a year, usually in October and March.