Sunday, 4/1

  • + Των Βαΐων. Palm Sunday. Orthros 8:45 am. Divine Liturgy 10:00 am
  • + Του Νυμφίου. Bridegroom Service 7:00 pm.
  • Altar Boys: Team Mark – Aris Roubanis C, Alex Roubanis C, Emilio Platis, Mateo Platis, John Confrey, Dimitri Spiropoulos, Dimitri Stavros, George Stavros.
  • Philoptochos is selling Tsourekia

Holy Monday, 4/2

  • + Του Νυμφίου. Bridegroom Service 7:00 pm

Holy Tuesday, 4/3 (Των 10 Παρθένων)

  • + Του Νυμφίου. Bridegroom Service 7:00 pm

Holy Wednesday, 4/4 (Της Αλειψάσης Τον Κύριον)

  • + Sacrament of Holy Unction 3:00 pm
  • + Orthros for Mystical Supper 7:00 pm (Sacrament of Holy Unction)

Holy Thursday, 4/5 (Ο Μυστικός Δείπνος)

  • + Liturgy of St. Basil 10:00 am
  • + Ακολουθία των Παθών (12 Ευαγγέλια). Service of Passion 7:00 pm

Holy Friday, 4/6 (Τα Άγια Πάθη Του Κυρίου)

  • + Reading of the Royal Hours 1:00 pm
  • + Αποκαθήλωσις. Decent from the Cross 2:30 pm
  • + Επιτάφιος. Lamentations Service 7:00 pm

Holy Saturday, 4/7 (Η Ταφή Του Κυρίου)

  • + Liturgy of St. Basil 10:00 am
  • + The Canon 11:15 pm
  • + Ακολουθία της Αναστάσεως. Resurrection Service and Liturgy 12 midnight.
  • Supper to follow Liturgy

Easter Sunday, 4/8

  • Agape Service 11:00 am with the presence of His Grace Bishop Apostolos of Medeia.
  • Altar Boys: Team Matthew – Elias Eleopoulos C, Dennis Dalkos C, Panayotis Christidis, Alexander Eleopoulos, Nikolas Eleopoulos, Paul Dunbar, Andrew Girgis.

Saints and Feasts

Palm Sunday – On Sunday, five days before the Passover of the Law, the Lord came from Bethany to Jerusalem. Sending two of His disciples to bring Him a foal of an ass, He sat thereon and entered into the city. When the multitude there heard that Jesus was coming, they straightway took up the branches of palm trees in their hands, and went forth to meet Him. Others spread their garments on the ground, and yet others cut branches from the trees and strewed them in the way that Jesus was to pass; and all of them together, especially the children, went before and after Him, crying out: “Hosanna: Blessed is He that cometh in the Name of the Lord, the King of Israel” (John 12:13). This is the radiant and glorious festival of our Lord’s entry into Jerusalem that we celebrate today.

The branches of the palm trees symbolize Christ’s victory over the devil and death. The word Hosanna means “Save, I pray,” or “Save, now.” The foal of an ass, and Jesus’ sitting thereon, and the fact that this animal was untamed and considered unclean according to the Law, signified the former uncleanness and wildness of the nations, and their subjection thereafter to the holy Law of the Gospel.

Mary of Egypt – When Mary was only twelve years old, she left her parents and departed to Alexandria, where she lived a depraved life for seventeen years. Then, moved by curiosity, she went with many pilgrims to Jerusalem, that she might see the Exaltation of the venerable Cross. Even in the Holy City she gave herself over to every kind of licentiousness and drew many into the depth of perdition. Desiring to go into the church on the day of the Exaltation of the Cross, time and again she perceived a certain invisible power preventing her entrance, whereas the multitude of people about her entered unhindered. Therefore, wounded in heart by this, she decided to change her way of life and reconcile herself to God by means of repentance. Invoking our Lady the Theotokos as her protectress, she asked her to open the way for her to worship the Cross, and vowed that she would renounce the world. And thus, returning once again to the church, she entered easily. When she had worshipped the precious Wood, she departed that same day from Jerusalem and passed over the Jordan. She went into the inner wilderness and for forty-seven years lived a most harsh manner of life, surpassing human strength; alone, she prayed to God alone. Toward the end of her life, she met a certain hermit named Zosimas, and she related to him her life from the beginning. She requested of him to bring her the immaculate Mysteries that she might partake of them. According to her request, he did this the following year on Holy and Great Thursday. One year after this, Zosimas again went thither and found her dead, laid upon the ground, and letters written in the sand near her which said: “Abba Zosimas, bury here the body of wretched Mary. I died on the very day I partook of the immaculate Mysteries. Pray for me.” Her death is reckoned by some to have taken place in 378, by some, in 437, and by others, in 522. She is commemorated also on the Fifth Sunday of Great Lent. Her life was recorded by Saint Sophronius of Jerusalem.

Gerontios & Vasilides the Martyrs


Social Hour – Sponsored by Philoptochos

Flowers for Easter – With your help, Katy Georgedes and the ladies will adorn our church. Flowers needed for Nymphios, Crucifixion, the Epitaphios (Christ’s tomb), the Resurrection icons and decorate the Church for Easter. Thank you for your generosity. If you would like to donate please send your donation to the office. Thank you.

Good Friday Luminaries – Don’t forget to order your Luminaries to light the path around the church with the names of the loved ones or wishes for good health on Good Friday night during the Epitaphios proccesion.

  • Deadline is Palm Sunday April 1.
  • There will be a table at church this Sunday that luminary orders can be placed.

Upcoming 40 days Churching – April 15 – Noah Demitri Dolas. Parents: Thomas & Sophia Dolas.

Philoptochos – Philoptochos will be dying red eggs on Holy Thursday after morning services. If you would like to come and help, you are more than welcomed.

Bookstore – Come and see all of our beautiful Pascha gifts, books, cards, charcoal, egg dye kit, and a lot more. We will be open on Holy Week and Easter. The Bookstore is located in the church hall. If we are not present, please contact Voula in the church office at 562-494-8929. Kalo Pascha to you all.

Fundraiser at St. Anthony G.O.C. – The St. Anthony community invites you to a luncheon, “Festival of Tables from Around the World,” to benefit the new diakonia of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, which is focusing of the prevention of human trafficking and slavery throughout the world. His Eminence Metropolitan Nikitas of the Dardanelles is the guest speaker. The event will include a delicious lunch, creatively decorated tables, entertainment, and raffle. $35.00 per person. Saturday, April 13, 2018, 11:00 a.m., 778 S. Rosemead Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107. For tickets or information: Pam Buzas (626) 345-4158 or

April’s Prosforo – Prosforo for the month of April is donated by Mary Lambros & Lillian & Andrianna Papadakis. Thank you. If you wish to donate the prosforo please call Voula at the church office.

Request for 2017 Year-End Tax Receipt – Contact Voula at or call 562.494.8929 to request your church year-end tax receipt for 2017.