Worship Services, Meetings and Activities – January 15, 2017

Sunday, 1/15

Monday, 1/16

  • Great Vespers at St. Anthony, Pasadena 7:00 pm

Tuesday, 1/17

  • Senior Christians Pot Luck 11:30 am

Wednesday, 1/18

  • Panagia’s Little Lambs 10:30 am – 11:30 am
  • Greek school 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Sunday, 1/22

  • ΙE’ Λουκά.  15th Sunday of Luke
  • Orthros 8:45 am,  Divine Liturgy 10:00 am

Sunday school

  • Parish Vasilopta

Saints and Feasts

  • 12th Sunday of Luke
  • Paul of Thebes – Saint Paul, first among hermits, was born about 227 in the Thebaid of Egypt. In 250 he fled into the wilderness because of the persecution raging at that time under Decius. Having lived a solitary life in a certain cave for ninety-one years, he reposed in 341, at the age of 114, and was buried by Anthony the Great, who had been directed thither by God several days before the Saint’s repose.
  • John the Hut-Dweller – Saint John, who was from Constantinople, was the son of illustrious parents — Eutropius the Senator and Theodora. At twelve years of age he departed secretly from his home and went to the Monastery of the Unsleeping (see Dec. 29). Aflame with longing for his parents, he returned after six years to his father’s home in the guise of a pauper and beggar. Living in a small hut at the gates of his parents’ house (wherefrom he is called “hut-dweller”), he remained unknown therein for many years, and suffered mockery at the hands of those who had been his own servants. Foreknowing his death, he revealed himself to his parents, and within a few moments reposed, about the year 450.


  • We are honored to have His Eminence Metropolitan Nikitas of the Dardanelles to lead us in the Divine Services and Festivities today. We welcome you with love and appreciation.
  • Social Hour – Sponsored by Philoptochos.
  • Philoptochos – Bring your Vasilopita on January 22, 2017 and participate to our annual Vasilopita cutting after services.
  • Blessing of Home and Business – Father Christos, will be blessing homes and businesses from January 16 through February 28 during the day. To schedule an appointment please call the church office at 562-494-8929 or e-mail your contact information at:frchristos@assumptionlb.org
  • Hellenic Library – The Hellenic Library of Southern California celebrating the “Day of  Greek Letters” today Sunday, January 22,  2017 at 5:00 pm For reservations call (562) 305-2356 or email: info@hellenic-library.org
  • Philoptochos/Feeding the Children Everywhere – WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! – Philoptochos chapters of Anaheim Irvine, and the Long Beach Community Will be packaging 10,000 meals On Sunday January 29, 2017!
  • Upcoming Memorial Services – January 29 –  Eftihia Missios (1 year), Vasilios Missios (1 year), Special Note
  • Please note that the services and events posted in the monthly news letter’s calendar are subject to change; please refer to weekly bulletin for current schedule info.