Worship Services, Meetings and Activities – This Week

Sunday, 11/20

  • Θ’ Λουκά. 9th Sunday Luke
  • Orthros 8:45 am, Divine Liturgy 10:00 am
  • Sunday school

Monday, 11/21

  • Τα Εισόδια της Θεοτόκου. The Entrance of the Blessed Virgin Mary into the Temple
  • Orthros 9:30 am, Divine Liturgy 10:00 am

Wednesday, 11/23

  • Panagia’s Little Lambs 10:30 am – 11:30 am
  • No Greek school

Thursday, 11/24

  • Happy Thanksgiving (office & church closed)

Friday, 11/25

  • Office & church closed

Sunday, 11/27

  • ΙΓ’ Λουκά. 13th Sunday Luke
  • Orthros 8:45 am, Divine Liturgy 10:00 am
  • Sunday school

Saints and Feasts

  • Gregory the Righteous of Decapolis – Saint Gregory who was from Irenopolis of the Decapolis of Asia Minor, was the son of Sergius and Mary. He became a monk as a young man, and after struggling for many years in virtue and prayer under obedience to a wise spiritual father, he was informed by revelation that it was the will of God for him to live, like the Patriarch Abraham, with no certain dwelling, moving from place to place. His journeyings took him to Ephesus, Constantinople, Corinth, Rome, Sicily, Thessalonica, and again to Constantinople, where, after many labours in defence of Orthodoxy against Iconoclasm, he reposed in peace in the first half of the ninth century. He had two disciples, one of whom was Saint Joseph the Hymnographer (see Apr. 3), who wrote the Menaion service for Saint Gregory, his father in Christ.
  • 9th Sunday of Luke
  • Proclus, Archbishop of Constantinople – Saint Proclus lived during the reign of Saint Theodosius the Younger. A disciple and scribe of Saint John Chrysostom, he was ordained Bishop of Cyzicus about the year 426, but because the people there unlawfully elected another bishop before his arrival, he remained in Constantinople. In 429, Nestorius, who had been Archbishop of Constantinople for about a year, and had already begun his blasphemous teaching that it is wrong to call the holy Virgin “Theotokos,” invited Bishop Proclus to give a sermon on one of the feasts of our Lady, which he did, openly defending in Nestorius’ presence the name “Theotokos,” that is, “Mother of God.” Saint Proclus was elevated to the throne of Archbishop of Constantinople in 434. It was he who persuaded Emperor Theodosius the Younger and his holy sister Pulcheria to have the most sacred relics of his godly teacher Saint John Chrysostom brought back from Comana, and triumphantly received them upon their return to the imperial city (see Jan. 27 and Nov. 13). He reposed in peace in 447.

Memorial Service/Μνημόσυνo – Today we pray for the repose of the soul of the departed servant of God Martha Kaperonis (Skandalakis) (40 days). May her memory be eternal. Σήμερα προσευχόμαστε υπέρ αναπαύσεως της ψυχής της κεκοιμημένης δούλης του Θεού Μάρθας Καπερώνη (Σκανδαλάκη) (40 ημέρες). Αιωνία σου η μνήμη αξιομακάριστη και αείμνηστη αδελφή ημών.

Churching – 40 days baby-blessing of Evan Thanasis Parra, son of Rick and Nicole Parra. Congratulations.

Social Hour – Sponsored by Jack Kaperonis.

Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive – Philoptochos & Sunday School’s 17th Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive Goal: Thanksgiving meal for 150 families Please join Philoptochos and Sunday School as we reach out to 150 families this year. You can sponsor a family with a $30.00 donation (made payable to Assumption Philoptochos) or bring in your non-perishable food items and frozen turkeys no later than Sunday, November 20th. Representatives from For the Child will meet with our Sunday School children and pick up our donations for distribution to the families today Sunday, the 20th .

Christmas Card – Again this year the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Choir is sponsoring a Community Christmas Card. All the proceeds will go towards the church’s organ replacement fund. Please support this effort by entering your family’s name in the card for $25 per line. The form is posted in November’s news letter and weekly bulletin.

Upcoming Memorial Services

  • November 27 – Alexandra Smyrniotis (2 years)
  • George Smyrniotis (17 years)
  • December 4 – Vivi Castritis (3 years)
  • Efthimios (Sam) Froudakis (7 years)

Trinity Foster Home – Annual Christmas Tree Wish List. Trinity Youth Services. Sponsored by Philoptochos. We need your help in making 60 children’s wishes come true! Absolute deadline is Sunday, December 18 to bring in all gifts. Please support our church ministry in helping bring smiles to these children’s faces. For questions, please contact: Matoula Batshoun, Event Co-Chair: (714) 705-9316, Sofie Batshoun, Event Co-Chair: (714) 705-9314 or Karen Fic, Philoptochos President: (562) 416-5565

Bookstore – Remember to stop by and take a look at our beautiful gift items, books, greeting cards and icons.

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