The iconography inside our church is an on-going project. It began in 2015, with 3 phases already being completed so far, which includes full-bodied Saints and the medallions. Fundraising events like the Crab Feed will help subsidize the completion of the final phase.

Having vast experience for over 54 years in the art of byzantine iconography, iconographer Dimitrios Mourlas will be completing the interior of our church.

Dimitrios was born in Nikaia, Piraeus. Growing up, he realized his passion towards art and began his journey into the sacred art of Byzantine Iconography by taking his first art lessons in 1963 in the workshop of painter and iconographer Stamatis Papastamatiou. Continuously evolving, he became a professional iconographer.

His storied career as an iconographer includes various projects throughout the United States and Greece, which is well documented on his biography page.

Byzantine Tradition and Art Theory
The Icons that “by divine economy” are and will be created in accordance with the Byzantine iconography tradition. The artwork is based in the Macedonian school (13th – 14th Century). The main representatives of that school were Manuel Panselinos and Michael Astrapas, so their work is mostly characterized by specific colors, along with bright tone & grandiose composition. The faces and clothes are widely illuminated with inner spiritual light, drawn always strictly according to Tradition.

The materials used are mineral powders, mixed with an acrylic adhesive on a cotton canvas of the finest quality and prepared by them. In their workshop, they carefully study all of the aspects of the project at hand and areas that will be painted in order to perfectly fit to the required dimensions. The final finishing touches are done locally, based on the architecture and the Church’s illumination.

For more information on Dimitrios Mourlas, visit Icons Art official website.