Senior Christians

For adult members ages 50 years and up

The ministry of the Assumption Senior Christians provides a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere for adult members of our Parish, ages 50 years and up, with social, cultural, spiritual experiences and interactions within an Orthodox Christian environment.

The group meets 10 times during the year on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, September through June, in the cultural center.

Activities include potluck buffet luncheons, which includes Father Christos Kanakis beginning each meeting with a prayer and a brief interactive lesson on Orthodox Christianity. Special activities throughout the year include planned group travel excursions and bus trips, a Thanksgiving Luncheon where the Senior Christian’s treasury provides the turkey and members bring the trimmings, a Christmas Luncheon where hosting alternates with Saint Katherine’s Greek Orthodox Church, our sister church in Redondo Beach, and an end of the year picnic.

Many of our members are, or have been, involved in various areas of service, worship, organizations and activities within our Assumption Greek community.

Membership dues are $15.00 per person per calendar year. We welcome new members and all ideas and suggestions.

Our current board includes:

  • President: Nick Monios
  • Vice President: Matoula Batshoun
  • Recording Secretary: Olympia Stapakis
  • Corresponding Secretary: Catherine Vackrinos
  • Treasurer: Catherine Lambrakis